01 Scouting hack We provide you with detailed player report for the position you need to strengthen. We will also prepare the character profile based on interviews and behavior on social networks.

The 11Hacks scouting team will then review player on the video to ensure that we will offer you the best players possible.

With our in-depth knowledge of the team through statistics, we will see if the selected player fits into the team or not. We reveal his strengths and weaknesses and compare performance to his competitors. We also recommend you what does he need to work on to get better and how to unlock his full potential.

In case you decide to buy a football player from us, we will receive a financial reward. The advantage of this scouting method is it's unbiasedness. 11Hacks does not represent any player and therefore always acts in the best interest of the club. Searching for football players based on mathematical models is an objective matter that does not reflect the different pressures of third parties who want to profit from the transfer. We will always act in your interest.

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