Goal Hack

Peter Olayinka

In the summer of 2018, one of our clients, Slavia Praha, faced a problem in the offensive. Of all the created chances based on the expected goals model, forwards were finishing as much as 33% of them. This led to too much centralization to a particular position and the team was dependent on one or two players to score.

Peter Olayinka/slavia.cz

The main goal in the transfer window was, therefore, to spread xG more evenly among other players and sign wingers who can score.

Solution - Peter Olayinka

Peter Olayinka is very skilled in one-on-one situations. He makes 3 dribbles per match and he is also highly creative making 7 passes into the box.

Nigerian offensive player has become the most expensive transfer Slavia ever made. Olayinka adds a lot of complexity because he is balanced in all aspects of the game. At the same time, he can play in more positions.

In the 2017/2018 season, he scored 11 goals and added 13 passes. He has 0.38 xG, shoots twice per 90 minutes, and each of his shot leads to a goal in 18% of the time.

One-on-one (3 dribbles per game) and physical strength (3.5 headers won, 9 challenges won) are also above average, which helps to press better. Olayinka has 2 tackles per match, which is a substantial number for the offensive player.

Comparison with Slavia's wingers

Stoch - he is one of the most creative players in the Czech Republic but shoots mainly from a long distance. On average, his attempt has 5% to score.

Zmrhal - a pacey and hard-working winger has a solid xG of 0.29, but most of his shots also come from a long distance. On average, his attempts lead to goal 9% of the time. Moreover, he does not have such a big scoring instinct and quality in the box.

When Slavia entered an opponent's box, only players who were capable of scoring were forwards. Other players were too dependent on shots from a long distance, but with the arrival of Olayinka, this problem got solved. He brought the necessary skills to the most critical area on the pitch.

It is worth noting Olayinka scored during the first 100 minutes on the pitch. Thanks to his offensive contribution, the xG of the team were spread more evenly throughout the season. Slavia scored 72 goals during the main stage of the Czech league, which is 22 more than in the previous season and 19 more than the nearest competitor had.

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