03 Longterm hack You can get both previous packages combined and much more as a recurrent monthly subscription.

We offer close cooperation and daily communication. We will try to pass all the analytical know-how and implement it into the club. These include tactical knowledge, analysis of opponents, analysis of players, assistance with standard situations and last but not least, full scouting service.

When ordering a subscription, the player search is already included in the price, and no more one-time amount is paid when you sign a player. We will become part of the scouting team and together we will try to create the best list of possible transfers, share knowledge, and eventually get the best players. The mathematical approach reveals things that you can easily miss.

By using analytical know-how and implementing it to the club, you can earn up to 8 extra points in one season. By collecting these points, the team can move several places higher in the league table.

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